Funds for Somalia’s humanitarian dropped 18%

الإثنين 15/أبريل/2019 - 03:47 م
Funds for Somalia’s humanitarian dropped 18%
Mahad Mohamed Ali‏

The funds for Somalia’s humanitarian have significantly dropped by 18% amid the country is ravaged by severe water and food shortages.

In an annual 2018 report on funds for Somalia, the donors were said to have managed to raise $54.3 million between January and December which is much less than what was donated in 2017.

The reports noted that the donors continued providing strong support for the SHF (Somalia humanitarian Fun) in 2018, sustaining their contributions at levels comparable to the 2017 famine-prevention year, with only 5 percent decrease.

According to the report, Germany was the top donor second year in a row, followed by Sweden, United Kingdom (UK), Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland, Australia, Canada, Switzerland and the Republic of Korea.

The government of German had 13.6 million for Somalia’s humanitarian funds.

$24.6 million of funds which equivalent to about 45 percent were received in the first half of 2018, allowing, together with the uncommitted carry-over from 2017, for early support that was closely aligned with the 2018 Somalia HRP priorities geared at sustaining the famine-prevention efforts.

The report comes less than a month after the UN Development Program (UNDP) warned that the food security situation in Somali “remains precarious for millions of Somalis, following the fifth consecutive year of drought.”

According to the agency, an estimated 6.2 million people need humanitarian assistance, and the number of people living in pre-famine emergency conditions has increased from 80,000 people in January to 800,000 in December this year.

In addition, one million people have been displaced so far this year due to drought and conflict, thereby doubling the number of internally displaced people.

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