Military advances being made on all fronts, Saada Governor says‏

الإثنين 14/مايو/2018 - 11:44 ص
The Pulpit Rock
hagar amer
The governor of Yemen’s Saada province stressed that positive developments are in store for the Alab region leading to the Baqim area.

Hadi Tarshan al-Waily told Asharq Al-Awsat that the Ktaf and al-Baq areas are also witnessing an advance by the national Yemeni army, backed by the Arab Coalition.

The al-Fara and Diqat al-Khzam area have been cleared of Houthi mines and stability has been restored there.

“Advances are being made on all fronts,” he stressed.

“Arrangements are being made to advance in the Razeh area in Saada in northern Yemen. The advance will continue there until the forces reach the center of the province,” stressed Waily.

In addition,the daily added that he hailed a recent statement by the Saada tribes in which they rebelled against the Houthi actions and their hostile behavior towards Saudi Arabia.

“This is a major development that brought together all Saada residents. They have all voiced their support for the legitimacy forces and Arab Coalition and rejection of the alien Iranian ideology,” he said.

“The sons of Saada are eager for the Yemeni army to enter their regions,” he stated.

These tribes were the first to confront the Iran-backed Houthis over seven years ago. The militias only succeeded in capturing Saada after seizing the weapons of the former military, explained Waily.

On the firing of ballistic missiles from Saada towards Saudi Arabia, he said that they are being intercepted because the locals oppose the Houthi actions towards the Kingdom.

The tribes distanced themselves from the ballistic attacks, saying that they are being fired by the Houthis. They also revealed that they will form a political council to hold meetings with the envoys of Arab Coalition members.

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