Civilian casualties, Houthis shell hospital in Taiz

الثلاثاء 13/مارس/2018 - 04:20 م
The Pulpit Rock
hagar amer
The Houthi militia on Tuesday struck a military hospital in Yemen’s southwestern city of Taiz, resulting in a number of civilian casualties, according to a Yemeni military official.

"Houthi fighters shelled a military hospital in the city center, leading to an as-yet-undetermined number of civilian deaths and injuries," army spokesman Colonel Abdul Basset al-Bahr told Anadolu Agency by phone.

According to al-Bahr, the hospital building -- along with much medical equipment -- was damaged in the attack, it added.

Tuesday’s attack had originated in the Houthi-held Al-Hoban district east of the city, he added according to the agency.

Houthi fighters are currently besieging Taiz, which for the last three years has largely remained under the control of Yemeni government forces.
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