The most prominent names of those killed with "Saleh" during his assassination‏

الإثنين 04/ديسمبر/2017 - 06:59 م
The Pulpit Rock
hager amer
Sources close to Yemen's former President Ali Abudllah Saleh confirmed that Saleh was killed while being on his way to Sanhan, his hometown, after an agreement with the Houthis to leave Sanaa, and retire the political work in his house.

The sources confirmed, according to Marib Press, that the Houthis betrayed Saleh and followed him with 20 military vehicles. They ambushed him at the Qahaza checkpoint and then stopped his car after being hit by a sniper who was already stationed in the place. He was then removed from the car alive and then executed.

His son Khaled was with him and was arrested by Houthis and the Assistant Secretary-General of the Congress, Sheikh Yasser Al-Awadi, was executed, the sources said noting that the destiny of Tarek, son of his brother, who was leading the battles in Sanaa is still unknown.

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