Guard forces call for lifting the siege on Taiz and confronting the Houthis‏

الإثنين 04/ديسمبر/2017 - 11:58 ص
The Pulpit Rock
hagar amer
The Republican Guard forces which have upraised against the Houthis, called for the lifting of the siege of Taiz, south of Sanaa 256 km.

According to statement obtained by Alyaman Alaraby the Guard forces asked on it the forces which still supporting Houthi militias to lift the siege of Taiz and confronting the Houthis.

"All units and brigades of the army and security in Taiz must support the people of Taiz in defeating and removing the Houthi militias and lifting the siege on the city," the  statement said.

The forces have stressed the stripping of the Hputhi militia of everything and leave who surrenders after taking his weapon."
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