Houthi militias bombard populated villages south of Taiz‏

الأحد 12/نوفمبر/2017 - 08:36 م
The Pulpit Rock
صورة أرشفية
hagar amer
On Sunday evening, the militias of the Houthi group and former President Saleh bombed populated villages south of the city of Taiz, southwest of Yemen.

Local sources said that a number of villages in the area of Al-Shaqab belonging to the Directorate of Sabr al-Muamad, south of the city, came under heavy artillery bombardment.

The sources added that the indiscriminate shelling continued until the writing of the news.

The sources pointed out that the bombing raised terror among the population of the targeted villages.

The sources could not obtain information about the damage and damage caused by the shelling.
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