Clashes in Yemen's Baydha killed 23 from Houthi elements‏

الأحد 12/نوفمبر/2017 - 07:54 م
The Pulpit Rock
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hagar amer
In fierce clashes in the central province of Baydha , about 23 Al Houthi militants and four pro-government tribesmen have been killed in fierce clashes, when the Iran-backed rebels launched an attack to expand their territories, state-run media and activists said on Sunday.

A large number of heavily-armed fighters mounted an offensive on Al Humygani tribesmen in Al Zaher district, setting off bloody clashes that continued Saturday afternoon, Abdul Rab Al Humygani, a local activist close to government fighters, told Gulf News.

He also added that, “The Al Houthi militia was drawn deep into the valley. Resistance fighters attacked trapped fighters including some soldiers from the elite Republican Guards".
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