Yemen's legitimate forces control Nehm and approach Arhab and Sanaa‏

الخميس 09/نوفمبر/2017 - 01:58 م
The Pulpit Rock
hagar amer
The Yemeni legitimate forces announced their victories in Nehm front by dominating the center of the city and approaching Arhab and Sanaa, after fierce fighting with the rebel militias.
According to Saudi Newspaper Alwatan, the National Army continued yesterday advancing in Nehm and controlled the center of the city after continuous clashes with Houthi militias and ousted Saleh forces.

The spokesman of the army,Brigadier general Abdu Majaly, told the daily that  the forces of the National Army took control of the Alrekab Tepes in the area of Bani Faraj and Maimana, and approached Arhab and Sanaa.

"The National Army has achieved great victories in Nehm , and was able to liberate the mountains that were a danger and concentration of the coupers," Majali said referring to the progress of the national army in the mountain Halleib and Alhotab area .
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