Iranian Revolutionary Guards..." The economic empire that looted people's money "

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Hagar Amer

After the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei assumed power in Iran, speculation reached a new height. He hosted the Guards of the Islamic Revolution, which represents the parallel military force alongside the regular army. This force is loyal to the supreme leader and charged with protecting Iranian security and the Islamic character. He use this force to expand his influence to support and spread Iran's ideology around the world , as well as increasing his influence in Iranian government circles.

Over the past two decades, Iran has been increasingly hesitant about economic liberalization. Khamenei has helped IRGC companies to buy state-owned companies at prices below market prices. As a result for this the IRGC has become a multi-billion dollar powerhouse with hundreds of companies, leading to the monopoly of many companies to the Iranian market, so as to dominate the joints of the state, especially the security services, and became a major force in Iranian politics, with the support of Ayatollah Khomeini.

The Revolutionary Guard has a long history of activity abroad, helping to establish Hezbollah militia in Lebanon and supporting many militias in Iraq and Syria.

12 Billion Dollars

It is estimated that the total amount achieved by the Revolutionary Guards last year amounted to 12 billion dollars, which constitutes one sixth of the gross domestic product of Iran.

Revolutionary Guards' control over the Iranian economy

For example, the IRGC controls Khatam Al-Anbiya Construction Company, Iran's largest engineering company, and has become a partner in all phases of the oil supply chain. It has become a contributor to 13 leading company in logistics , energy ,shipping and port services, and gradually, the Revolutionary Guards took control of Tehran's new airport.

Oil and gas sector

Companies belonging to the Revolutionary Guard have important contracts in all aspects of the energy sector. The National Oil Company owns the Yaran oil field in the Iranian south, in addition to the Carr Oil Company and Khatam Al-Anbiya. 

Khatam Al-Anbiya is classified as the largest facade through which the Revolutionary Guard operates. , and its name is still on the sanctions lists until this moment.


A subsidiary of the Revolutionary Guards bought a state-owned telecommunications company in a deal worth $ 8 billion in 2009.

Construction Sector

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard's "Khatam Al-Anbiya " , has Iran's largest building company which make it controls workers and employees in Iran and recruiting some to achieve their goals, fearing that they will be cut off.

Petrochemicals Sector

The petrochemical sector has the largest share of Iranian income, and because most of the companies in this sector have shares in the Iranian stock exchange and were subjected to public circulation, the Revolutionary Guards have large shares in them.

Shipping Sector

The IRGC operates the cargo sector in Iran, where it controls most Iranian commercial ports as well as the largest shipping companies and airlines used to transport military personnel, equipment and personnel.


The United States has imposed sanctions on six Iranian banks because of its relationship with Iran's Revolutionary Guards (Ansar, Mehr, Melli, Arian, Karguchi and the Future Bank) .The first two were established by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to provide services to its employees and paramilitary forces and according to US Treasury, bank transfers were made to cover the transfers of the Revolutionary Guards.

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