4 Sexual scandals of Iran's senior shook the throne of the mullahs (report)

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Hagar Amer

Many sexual scandals rocked Iran's throne, revealing the ugly face of the Iranian state that full of officials who have been so fatally scandalized by harassment and homosexuality which put Iran at the top of the list of sexual scandals.

Kisses and hugs in the elevator between the Minister of Education and the director of the National Museum

In January 2013, a high-profile scandal discovered by officials of the Security in an elevator in an Iranian body when the Iranian Minister of Education, Kamran Daneshjo, and the director of the National Museum, Azada Ardkani, entered the elevator and exchanged love in a way that surprised everyone. They were seen in unmoral scene , kissing each other very intimately

The two senior officials did not notice the small camera at the top of the elevator , so they exchanged hugs and kisses in a very emotional way, with their keenness not to be seen , and deliberately going out and into the elevator more than once to repeat their action. Moreover, Ardakani was keen every time the minister kiss her to remove the marks of kisses so as not to be revealed .

The Iranian minister of education and the director of the National Museum are very close to Iran's Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and at the circle close to President Ahmadinejad.

Harassment in the Iranian Broadcasting and Television Corporation

Among the sexual scandals that rocked Iran's throne, what the assistant to the head of Iran's Radio and Television, Mohammad Serafraz, did as he harassed his staff. In this scandal Serafraz resigned after a female employee published recordings and audio clips on the Internet disclosing that she was subjected to sexual harassment by "Hamid Reda Amadi," former assistant of Serafraz.

The employee, who had to leave her job and leave the country, was working for Press TV, when Serafraz was TV director and Reda Amadi was his assistant.

The scandal of the Iranian clergy

In November 2016, Persian-language media published pictures of a prostitute who worked for the shah's intelligence in the 1970s while being between the arms of two of the most prominent clerics loyal to the Faqih's rule system, Hojjat al-Islam Filsafi and Hojjat-e-Islam Shoguni.

Shajuni claimed in a videotaped interview with Abarat television several months before his death that the pictures were taken by the SAAFAK (the Iranian Security and Intelligence Service before the 1979 revolution) and that they were forged, but he reiterated that the images of "Hojjat al-Islam Filsafi" were not forged, and he married her to can return again to her husband , and the pictures are real, but when the announcer replied: "I'm not talking about Filsafi's images because he's dead, but was your picture with the same girl fake?" Shujuni replied smilingly: "God willing, it's fake."

Shajuni and Filsafi images with the same girl recruited by the shah's intelligence service to incite anti-religious clerics, were spreaded , and according to Shajuni's interview with Abarat, the girl was caught in the arms of other anti-Shah clerics who rule Iran today , who punish the citizens for any act they consider to be contrary to the ethics of the doctrine, according to their reading of this ethic.

Khamenei House Quran reader raps children.

In December 2016, the media exposed a new sexual scandal in Iran, its hero Saeed al-Tusi, a reader of the Quran in "Khamenei House" after several charges from parents to rape their children.

A number of residents said that Sa'id al-Tusi, 46, the Iranian representative in the international Quran competitions and the first winner of the first prize, internally and externally, who close to Ali Khamene'i, has raped,during last years seven of his students aged between 12 and 14 years, threatening to resort to the Persian foreign media .

Tusi is a close confidant of Khamenei, as he is a frequent guest in the Koranic sessions that the mullahs held each year for the holy month of Ramadan. He also inaugurated the work of Iran's 10th parliament by reading verses from Quran. He also has considerable influence among the hardliners especially Iranian clerics because of his permanent appearance on Iranian television channels.

Three of the victims, via Persian Voice of America , revealed that they had written and sound evidence clearly indicating what the "Quan reader of the guide" had done, as with his handwriting he wrote it was a "mistake" he would not repeat.

The station broadcast an audio recording in which Said Tusi said that the guide Khamenei is aware of the file, and agreed with the President of the Judiciary Sadiq Larijani to end the case to preserve the prestige of "Koranic institution" in the country.

One of the victims - the holder of the first reading of the Quran in recent years - said that Tusi raped him when he accompanied him beyond the country to participate in Quran competitions. He was to book two separate rooms in the hotel, but the surprise was that Tusi deliberately booked a room in which committed the crime against a child who did not exceed the age of 12 years.

The second victim, who did not the program give his name, gave only his voice testimony said that he sent a telephone message asking a question related to the reading, but Toussi asked him to come home to teach him and what he happened what he didn't imagine .

The victims also confirmed that they had lodged their complaints with officials at the house of the guide after the advice of those close to them, but the officials were content to take a "repentance message" in which Tusi admitted that he would not do it again.

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