Saudi Arabia warns Iran again: We will not accept the politicization of the Hajj‏

الأربعاء 11/يناير/2017 - 10:33 م
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Saudi Arabia confirmed that it will not object the return of
Iranian pilgrims to holy sites during the next pilgrimage season, provided adhere to the regulations and rules set by it, refusing to offer any concessions to the Iranian side.

"Alaraby Algadid" newspaper quoted a source in the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah that the invitation sent by the ministry to Iran among about 80 other countries to discuss the arrangements of the coming Hajj season is still in accordance with the conditions set before by Saudi Arabia , which emphasizes total refusal to politicize the pilgrimage in any way. "

"The Iranians wanted to establish some of their rituals in Makka. This rejected as a whole. When they wish pilgrimage only ,the doors will be open to them like any Muslim. ",the sourcse said .

It is expected that the number of pilgrims in the next pilgrimage season will be great compared to previous seasons after Saudi Arabia agreed to raise the capacity for pilgrims this season , and raise the number of pilgrims from inside and outside , in accordance with the regulations of that organization.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah sent invitations across pilgrimage stakeholders , and not through the foreign ministries of the concerned States .

The head of the Foundation of Mutawfe Iran , Dr. Talal Qtab, said that the ministry has sent an invitation to the delegation of Iran pilgrimage affairs to discuss the organization of the arrival of pilgrims and housed and arrange thier transitions , as it sent for all Islamic countries and minority nations, a date was to set for them to the meeting . The time may be changed according to the circumstances of the country .

The Organization of the Iranian Hajj and visit refrained last year to sign the minutes of the arrangements developed by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah to perform the rituals of pilgrimage , and insisted on being allowed to its pilgrims to do some of their rituals , which rejected by Saudi Arabia , what caused the failure to attend of Iranian pilgrims last year through Tehran, but the more than 1,200 Iranian pilgrims came for Hajj through other countries.

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